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The Splif-Stik smoke smoother from Red-Eye Metalware. The smoother smoke with the amazing Red-Eye maze filtration system. Available at all good Head Shops or online from RED-EYE UK LTD: Bongs, Pipes, Digital Scales and other Smoking Accessories

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The Red Eye Splif Stik uses our unique ‘maze’ filtration system that works by directing the smoke
around a 250mm ‘maze’ path.

The Splif Stik's overall length is 105mm. As the smoke passes through the Splif Stik, tar is collected in the ‘maze’ path and is
cooled giving you an altogethersmoother smoke.

The Splif Stik comes in 13 different colours including chrome and stainless steel.

Each Splif Stik comes with two Splif Stik Roaches and is packaged in its own case with an authentication hologram.

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